SEWE and Wine Pairings

SEWE is one of our favorite weekends—the exhibits, the art, the people—but it’s also a weekend where our chefs excitedly expand on southern cuisine with innovative specials utilizing a variety of game. Sometimes though, wine pairings for game are not as straightforward as a big juicy steak or a delicate piece of fish, so we consulted with our wine director, Bill Netherland, to share his thoughts on what works best with game and our SEWE specials featured this weekend.

From Bill:
What game can bring to a dish are subtleties. The “savage” or wild notes are not always found in traditional proteins so care should be taken not to mask those notes with wines that might overpower them. Instead, pick wines that provide the transparency to showcase the qualities, yet complement them at the same time. In this instance, a white wine like the Hamilton Russell Chardonnay has the requisite acidity and fruit to lift a dish perfectly. In a red, the Perrin Gigondas “La Gille” can mimic some for the smoky/woodsy aromas in game and its preparation, while providing a medium-bodied, juicy red that will keep your palate fresh. If you are looking for by the glass options, I would consider trying the Oliveira Lecestre Petit Chablis, Pighin Fruili Grave Sauvignon Blanc, Vietti Barbera d’Asti or the Andezon Cotes de Rhone.

SEWE Specials

Pheasant Airline Breast
mashed potatoes, roasted oyster mushrooms & rainbow carrots, red wine reduction

Leg of Rabbit
spaghetti, parsnips, red sauce

Boar Osso Bucco
garlic risotto, root vegetables

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